Versatile and colourful, this fabric adapts to your living style. AMSTERDAM can appear restrained but also fresh and colourful.


convinces with its composition of natural fibres and reminds us of warm summer nights of past holidays.


A fabric with many facets, its attractiveness is due to the special weaving of different yarns and colours. With this, furniture becomes unique!


Expression of an urban lifestyle. This fabric is modern but also reduced enough to give space and room for changing elements.


has a high-quality and noble appearance. Sofas upholstered in this fabric like to be shown and seen.


honest, exciting and profound: DUBLIN is never boring. By weaving natural fibres in combination with a shiny yarn, it becomes something special.


spreads Italian charm: this cotton jacquard fabric brings elegance with ease into our home.


comes in three weaves of one colour group and sets off every piece of furniture to its best advantage. A combination of these fabrics also offers an exciting visual spectacle.


is reduced and underlines the popular Scandinavian living style with 100% naturalness and pure new wool. The cheerful colour selection finds a loving home everywhere.


This fabric likes the uncomplicated, lively and relaxed lifestyle. It is robustly made from pure cotton is a reliable companion to your personal cosiness.


Pulsating in the centre of life and hustle and bustle - it's here you need a quiet and cosy place at home that conveys a sense of safety.


A fabric that fills everyone with positive feelings. When the day rests, life can be lived and enjoyed on a sofa made of this fabric. A summer festival that never ends.


As elegant and yet at the same time as natural as a fabric can be. Escaping the hustle and bustle of the day and being able to relax, that is the true luxury in pure linen.


enriches your home with its cosiness. The calm, earthy colours reveal the love of being close to nature.


A metropolis is pulsating and fast-paced, it never comes to rest. All the more important is a retreat that offers us a place to rest. This pure cotton fabric makes it easy for us to love it.


Come home, it's hyggelig - I feel comfortable here. OSLO is popular because of its unique and distinctive weave, the expression is incomparable.


This fabric feels at home both in the small living room and in the grand salons of the world. The environment decides whether it should look cosy or elegant. No colour wish remains unfulfilled.


reveals itself only at second glance: a subtle shimmering thread gives this fabric an understated elegance. An invitation to comfort!


Sinking in or returning home to a soft, voluminous cosiness - maybe even a fire crackling in the fireplace?


The lightness of this fabric creates a pleasant atmosphere. Spontaneously invite your friends to a cosy round in your living room.


Healthy and happy through life, for this we need a good environment. Treat yourself to this wonderful fabric!


A sensual pleasure awaits you with this fabric, combining well-being and elegance.


A fabric of the extra class, the noble expression is supported by the high-quality composition. Grant yourself this luxury!